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At Lofthouse, Engineering support to our customers is one of our greatest differentiating factors.  This is especially true when we have input at the concept stage of our customers’ product design.  We frequently receive positive feedback from customers after we have helped to optimize product performance while keeping costs to a minimum. Face it; in today’s fast-paced world, cost reduction on mature products is a common point of discussion, but too often doesn’t gain much traction as resources are thin. Many of our success stories include conversion of components from other manufacturing processes. Casting is a prime example, where we can improve the performance of the product by virtually eliminating porosity, a real advantage when the application includes a pressure vessel, be it gas or liquid. And we do so while increasing mechanical properties such as tensile strength. We look forward to the next challenge be it reducing cost from an existing product line, or to improving the performance of existing products. 





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