Forging is rooted in the distant past. our eyes are on its amazing future.


We have built an international reputation by delivering innovative, high volume, low cost forged and machined brass and aluminum parts. We offer superior surface finishes, tight tolerances, and outstanding performance while serving a wide range of industries. It’s a reputation we’re enhancing to deliver the best of two worlds: forging that exceeds competitive standards and industry-leading machining technology that delivers unmatched precision and overall value.

  • Unique, custom manufacturing process software monitors each sequence in the production cycle, from cutting raw material and forging billets through to final machining.


  • Programs monitor performance to confirm that Lofthouse standards are met, and apply the findings in our commitment to continuous improvements in quality and on-time production shipment.


  • Run-rates, predictive equipment and tool maintenance, as well as changeover times are surveyed in real-time to ensure predictable and repeatable outputs.


  • This “no-compromise” approach is made possible by multi-million-dollar expenditures to obtain the best systems and equipment available in the forging and machining of non-ferrous products.