Brass forgings: Industry’s hidden and reliable performers.


For centuries, brass components have performed essential duties under conditions where other materials flounder. Forging makes the most of brass, by incorporating its strength and corrosion resistance into often complex parts where failure is not an option.                       


Among the most familiar applications of brass forgings:

  • Hose and tube fittings for fuel dispensing, hydraulic machines and air operated equipment

  • Hot water heaters for support bushings for immersion elements

  • Automotive applications, including block heater supports, screw-in core plugs, truck fuel tank caps

  • Plumbing fixtures, from shower valves, faucet bodies and faucet handles to decorative trim and special fittings

  • HVAC components, including zone valves, balancing valves, valve handles, valve bonnets, mixing valves and similar applications

  • Building hardware, ranging from door handles and internal lock components to escutcheons, panic bar handles and floor plates 

  • Welding, including  torches, regulators, wire feeders and ground clamps

  • Microwave transmission, employing flanges in various shapes and sizes

  • Firefighting equipment employing extinguisher valves, hose couplings, cylinder re-fill valves, flow alarms for sprinkler systems, etc.

  • Solenoid valves used in retail fuel dispensing, water and industrial fluids, condensate drains for air compressors and similar applications

  • Power washers, including pump heads and control bodies

Doing a superior job in unfamiliar territory.


As the exceptional performance of brass forgings becomes more widely recognized, the number of applications and installations continues to grow – including many not normally associated with non-ferrous components, such as: 

  • Railway brake pistons

  • Iron steam valve shafts

  • Drain flanges in commercial dishwashers

  • Oxygen valves for home health care units

  • Large fuse caps for electrical power lines

  • Dispensing valves in coffee makers, draft beer, etc.

  • Safety latches for elevators

  • Control valves for film developers

  • Sprockets used in sailboat steering gear and fishing equipment

  • Door latches for light rail transit

  • Corporation seals

  • Safety clutches for electronic hotel room locks