Success begins long before the billet is heated.


Optimum value and performance begin with your part design, including subtle details to take full advantage of the benefits of forging. Our customer-focused engineering department constantly searches for new ways to engineer-out costs and build-in performance.


Each Corporate Engineering Team project is assigned a Project Manager to shepherd the order from development to delivery. After establishing criteria and function, Lofthouse design engineers employ an in-house developed “true project management” process and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to assure total performance capabilities.


Advanced material flow analysis software identifies potential problem areas and delivers solutions, enabling our design engineers to predict and remove potential manufacturability problems. Our flow simulation software ensures the “art” is replaced with “science” when it comes to metal flow, ensuring enough raw material is available to “fill the cavity”, but to prevent any excess waste in terms of flash; simply put, raw material costs are minimized.