Lofthouse, Lofthouse Manufacturing, STAIN


Watching over every stage of production.


Our custom, proprietary manufacturing software is a business tool unlike any other.  Live data, accessible from anywhere in the world, provides management with real-time information relative to the efficiency of the operator, the machine, department or the entire plant. 


The software monitors tool wear so that before a cutting tool becomes too dull to effectively machine a feature, the operator receives notification that it is time to sharpen/replace the tool. 


Reports are custom tailored to meet the needs of management whether the current focus is on machine cycle times, changeover times, or equipment utilization…it’s all available for today, this week, this month…just a few “clicks” away.  The result is real time, numerical data for management to analyze, and take necessary steps to improve on the manufacturing process. 


With predictable, repeatable outputs, our customers can be assured of components that meet print specifications with unparalleled part-to-part consistency.