In a world of changing values, one thing remains the same:

a rigid insistence on quality.


In 1957, tool designer George Lofthouse founded his company to provide customers with non-ferrous forgings of superior quality at competitive prices.



By 1978, the original site was no longer large enough for his expanded facilities and Lofthouse launched a new 10,000 square foot operation in Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada.



The firm continued to grow in capacity and reputation, and in 1994 Lofthouse became the first non-ferrous forging company in North America to be ISO 9000 certified.



In 2008, Lofthouse was purchased by Italian-based Brawo S.P.A. Since that time, Brawo has continued its business philosophy of perpetual investment with annual amounts in the millions of dollars. Lofthouse centralized their operations to Burk’s Falls to meet the changing market conditions.



Today, that facility includes the extensive use of automated production equipment that helps cut costs and maintain product consistency. To deliver these benefits, Lofthouse has invested more than $46 million in state-of-the-art automated equipment and production systems over the past 10 years. Through all these changes, the inflexible factor has been the Lofthouse dedication to exceeding customer expectations.


Our close association with the world’s leading name in the forging industry, Brawo S.p.A's, technical expertise and financial resources behind Lofthouse is your assurance that Lofthouse will continue to set the standard for non-ferrous forging and machining long into the future.

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