Certified to ISO9001:2015, Lofthouse ensures that each customer’s requirements are met.  We have put the appropriate resources and infrastructure in place to effectively monitor all products and processes.


In particular:

  • Defining the requirements for the performances and tolerances with reference to drawings, standards, technical specifications, contract terms, and expected requirements for mandatory laws and regulations. 

  • Developing control plans and evaluating the strengths and critical features of the production process. 

  • Utilizing appropriate monitoring and measuring equipment, always on the cutting edge and adequate to the high level of quality expected by Lofthouse’s customers.

  • Participate in plant-wide APQP system and provide the customer with full PPAP capability


The following devices are used to ensure your quality standards are met: 

  • Zeiss coordinate measuring machines, located in the laboratory room and in the production department

  • Starrett and S-T Industries optical comparators

  • Stereo Microscope

  • Roughness tester

  • Profile projectors

  • Hardness measuring equipment (Rockwell)

  • Infrared pyrometers

  • Liquid penetrant inspection